Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Program

Through a detailed examination process, our Vestibular and Balance Program emphasizes the reduction of dizziness and fall risks, and focuses on improving motion sickness, balance, and dynamic visual acuity. All these listed concerns can greatly affect our quality of life and functional mobility. Certain diagnosis which fall under dizziness and balance include BPPV (“Vertigo”), Gaze Induced Oscillopsia, Coordination deficits due to Cerebellar disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, medically managed Chiari Malformations, and medically stable cerebellar strokes. Call today for more information!

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What Are Clients Saying?

“Jim taught me to confront my vertigo and not to just manage it.  I’m much better because of therapist Jim Martin. I will always be grateful.” 

 “I had a horrible experience with Vertigo.  I was told to make an appointment with Jim Martin who specializes in [vestibular] issues. The very first appointment he did a maneuver [which] helped immediately. I was given exercises and I was compliant. Now I am feeling so much better.”

“Thank you so much for making my quality of life better. I came to [HOPT] for a dizziness problem. I can say since I started therapy, my life has improved. Thank you so much for your knowledge and expertise.”

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