Meet the Staff



Troy A. Zigman PT

Physical Therapist

Troy is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health. He utilizes Myofascial Release, The Hesch Method, muscle energy techniques, and soft tissue mobilization to help his patients alleviate pain, and correct dysfunction. He has significant experience in treating spinal problems, headaches, and TMJ disorders. Troy enjoys working with the senior population and has over two decades of experience treating this population.

Alyson Dondorfer, PT, CSCS

Physical Therapist

Alyson received her Bachelor of Science from Bowling green State University  then graduated from Cleveland State University with a Certificate in Physical Therapy.  Alyson’s interests focus on disease prevention and the promotion of wellness through regular exercise and postural/ body mechanics modifications.  She believes that all individuals, from athletes to seniors will  benefit from periodic movement-based examinations to identify posture impairments and muscle imbalances in an effort to prevent injuries and pain.  She has extensive training in shoulder, knee and foot pain and enjoys educating patients regarding proper footwear selection to improve alignment and prevent back, leg and foot pain.   Alyson strives to incorporate evidence-based treatments into her therapy plan for all patients and utilizes manual techniques and individualized exercise programs to help her patients succeed and improve their overall daily function.

Jennifer Nieset PT, Cert MDT

Physical Therapist

Jennifer is a  graduate of Cleveland State University with a Bachelor in Science degree.  Her specialty is evaluating and treating disorders of the spine. She earned her certificate in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the Spine from the McKenzie Institute. The McKenzie approach utilizes specific evaluative test movements in order to diagnose a movement disorder and direct treatment in a specific direction. Jennifer’s approach is then to educate patients on the cause of their problem, encourage patient responsibility for their recovery, and direct an individualized treatment plan.  In addition, she feels the patient must be evaluated as a whole person, considering alignment, muscle imbalance, and postural symmetry in order to reach the best rehab potential and fullest recovery of function.

Emily K. Delimpo, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Emily graduated from Texas Women’s University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and takes great pride in resolving her patient’s pain, preventing injury, and optimizing performance and overall function. Her ambition is to inspire others to fulfill a mutual desire to live the healthiest lifestyle possible while maximizing their overall function, productivity, and efficiency with daily activities. She embraces a genuine concern for the individual needs of her patients through specifically tailored treatment that goes beyond the confinements of the clinic and reaches out to better each person in all aspects of life, from the physical to the nutritional, mental, and emotional. She utilizes multiple manual techniques to correct sacropelvic alignment dysfunction, normalize joint mobility, myofascial extensibility, and muscle balance in order to promote optimal posture, function, and participation for the long term.

Mandy Willis, MPT

Physical Therapist

Mandy graduated from the Ohio State University with a Masters in Physical Therapy.  She utilizes myofascial release, gentle join mobilization, and muscle energy techniques in combination with client specific therapeutic exercise programs to improve range of motion, postural and strength deficits, while decreasing pain.  She is also certified as a Geriatric Strength Trainer, and has specialized skills in dealing with total joint replacement rehabilitation.

Matt Lieb, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Matt graduated from Cleveland State University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He utilizes a mechanical approach with myofascial release techniques, muscle energy techniques, and specific exercise in accordance to best evidence based research to provide the most optimal therapeutic outcome for each patient.  He maintains the philosophy that the human body is whole and must be treated as such.   His end goal is to be able to provide an individual program that can be maintained by the patient to ensure prolonged recovery and prevent future issues of the same cause.

 Amethyst Barto, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Amethyst is a graduate of The University of Findlay with both a Bachelor of Health Science in 2012 and Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2014. She looks at each individual patient as a whole in order to diminish pain and increase function by utilizing myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilization and exercise in combination to achieve proper alignment, muscle balance and postural symmetry throughout the body of each individual patient. Along with orthopedic injuries, she also has training in treating pediatric patients of all ages. She utilizes the same techniques in the children along with neuromuscular developmental treatment and sensory integration techniques in a fun and playful environment to address the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and sensory systems of each child. Though she enjoys working with every type of injury, her special interests lie in treating the spine, headache pain and the pediatric population.

Lori Churchfield, LMT


Massage Therapist

Lori graduated from Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage and obtained her license by the State Medical Board of Ohio.  Her devotion is to help others  improve their physical and emotional health by performing therapeutic massage therapy that soothes muscles, decreases soreness and eliminates  stress. The techniques she provides include medical massage, deep tissue massage, Myofascial Release, trigger point therapy, hot stone massage, and relaxation massage.  Clients leave relaxed, impressed and looking forward to the next session.

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